About Us

We are two friends, Karen and Julie, who love tea, cake and everything pretty or vintage!  We have spent much of our adult life making memories by sampling tea and cake in a variety of tea shops; many at lovely seaside destinations. There is nothing quite like drinking tea from a beautiful china teacup and eating delicious cake from a china plate. 
As children we remember Sunday tea with a table laid with a cloth and a spread of cakes and sandwiches. Also our birthday parties were simple events with a similar feast. These were happy, comforting times that made lasting memories. We feel that these tea time traditions should be encouraged today at a time when life seems to be so busy and hectic.
The love of using vintage china inspired us to have our own collections at home to share with friends and family. We love the feelings a vintage tea party evokes and decided that we would like others to have the chance to experience this too. Hence came the idea to expand our collection for you to hire.
We hope that we can inspire you to relax and enjoy your own little bit of heaven!