Our China

We pride ourselves on supplying beautiful, quality china.

We usually supply in sets to accomodate a tea party for six people. Each set includes: six cups, saucers and side plates; a sugar bowl and milk jug; a teapot, a coffee pot (which may be used for coffee or hot water), a cake slice, a cake stand and a cake plate. We also include a spoon, cake fork and side knife for each person.

We can, of course, supply extra individual items to supplement your requirements.

We have recently added to our collection and can now supply quality china dinner plates for your celebration.

Teapots / Coffee pots

Vintage teapots and coffee pots to adorn your table


Matching China Trios

Many china companies hire mismatched cups, saucers and tea plates. However, we like ours to match, so in a set for six there will be six different designs, each having a matching trio (cup, saucer and side plate).


Cake stands

We have lots of pretty cake stands to hold our delicious cakes.


Serving plates

We have a range of serving plates and cake plates on which you can serve your celebratory food.


Sugar bowls & Milk jugs

Our sugar bowls and milk jugs come as a matching pair.


Dinner plates

We have a large supply of dinner plates to extend your tea party into the evening.


China Hire Prices - Sets

1.    Afternoon teaset for 6

Each set comprises of:

  • 6 different matching trios (cup, saucer, tea plate)

  • 6 teaspoons

  • 6 cake forks

  • 6 side knives

  • 1 sugar bowl

  • 1 matching milk jug

  • 1 teapot

  • 1 coffee pot

  • 1 cake slice

  • 1 three tier cake stand or 1 two tier cake stand and a cake plate. 

Number of sets          Price

            1                          £25

            2                          £40

            3                          £55

            4                          £70

            5                          £85

            6                          £100

            7                          £115

            8                          £130

            9                          £145

           10                         £160

         +£15 for every extra set of 6

2.     Set of 6 dinner plates:   £5.00

We have an extensive collection of dinner plates, ideal if you are planning a wedding. Please enquire if you would like a matching six, otherwise plates will be provided in a mixed set.


China Hire Prices - Individual extras

Cutlery set (teaspoon, cake fork, side knife)      £1.00

Cake slice      £1.00

Matching China trio      £1.50

Matching sugar bowl and milk jug       £1.50

3 Tier Cake stand      £6.00

2 Tier Cake stand      £5.00

Cake plate / Serving plate      £1.00

Teapot      £5.00

Coffee Pot      £5.00

Glass bowl for jam / cream      50p

Dinner plate      £1.00